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Professional Electricians in Wigan & Leigh.Full Rewires.


A full rewire is the biggest job that you can have done inside the house electrically. We have to chase parts of the plaster off the walls and doing so it creates a lot of dust. After a rewire, your new wiring should last approximately 40-60 years before it needs doing again. You can often tell if your house needs rewiring as the electrics may start to trip more often, your fuse board might be outdated and not have an RCD (or even sometimes still be re-wireable fuses).

In some instances you may notice a green liquid coming out of the sockets/switches. You might have many junction boxes dotted around the house, under floorboards or in the loft. On a new installation you shouldn’t need any junction boxes at all.

Often, when someone moves into a new home, they want to put their own stamp on the house. Before you start re-decorating get a qualified electrician out to make sure that the electrics are safe, or you might end up having to redo all of the decorating you have just done.

Five year installation guarantee.

Professional Rewires, complete with guarantees.

With a rewire you will get a 5 year guarantee on the installation, 1 year guarantee on the accessories, and a building control notification. But most importantly you will have peace of mind knowing that your electrics are 100% safe.

On occasion if you want extensive work doing (lots of extra sockets, moving switches, new down lighters), then it sometimes isn’t much more to get a full rewire. We would be able to advise you on both options if this is the case with what you need doing.