Rewire electrician in Leigh

Rewire electrician in Leigh

If a property hasn’t been rewired within the last 25-30 years there's a high possibility it will need at least a partial upgrade to bring it up to current standards.

We live in a world hooked on technology which largely relies upon electricity, wiring and regulations have come a long way to cope with the demands of modern living and dated wiring will struggle to cope with the demand and could be potentially dangerous.

If you notice your wiring is rubber insulated, fabric insulated (Used until the 1960s) or lead insulated then this needs to be replaced as the insulation can rot or break down leading to short circuiting which can lead to electrocution or even fire. If your wiring is the modern PVCU coated type then a rewire is likely to be needed.

Remodelling work that constitutes as a material alteration defined by the building regulations could lead to the need to a part rewire and a fuse box upgrade. Extensions or loft or garage conversions will be included as new work which will mean all of the new wiring will have to be Part P compliant. This also means all existing wiring will have to be improved to ensure that it can carry additional loads safely, its earthed to current requirements and that the cross bonding is satisfactory.

It's not uncommon for people to let out a groan when realising they need to find a rewire electrician in Leigh.

A rewire jobs is messy and disruptive, and in the majority of cases is done in two stages; first fix where cables and wiring are installed, and second fix where everything is joined up and made live and the front faces of sockets, switches and lights are fitted.

Wires run everywhere, under floors, through walls and across ceilings, so a first fix is easier to do without carpets or furniture meaning floor boards can be lifted and ceilings cut into. The position of switches and sockets often has to be altered to comply with legal regulations and this means chasing in plaster too. This is why when undertaking a project, it's important to plan and consider the electrics and positioning of sockets and switches early on, additions midway through a project can be costly and time consuming.

A great way to prepare for a rewire is to plan where furniture will be so you can consider where the lighting and switches are needed. Extras can include under cabinet lighting which is easy to do when planned for however costly if this decision is made part way into a project.

Full rewires usually happen when homes are empty, but for hardened homeowners it is possible to live in one room with works happening around you. If you can’t move out, then dust-cover furniture and expensive items, preferably moving electrical equipment into a separate room, as this is not your electrician’s responsibility. Your electrician can install the new consumer unit and have a temporary supply of sockets in the room you are living in.