Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your garden or outdoor space. Whether it's for practical or decorative purposes or both there are many different lighting options available.

You may decide that your pathway needs some illumination in the dark to improve visibility. If you have a driveway you may want to add some extra lights to light up the path from the car, there's nothing worse than scrabbling around in the dark if you drop your keys! Motion sensor lights are another great practical solution available which may benefit a porch or garden, also acting as a deterrent for any potential trespassers.

Decorative garden lighting is also hugely popular during the summer months. Although it may seem its only useful for the sunnier half of the year when you are able to spend time in your garden throughout the day and into the night, garden lights still enable you to enjoy the space visually in the cooler months.

Decking lighting is increasingly popular with so many options available such as recessed lighting on stairs or rail lighting, which provide a subtle yet effective illumination solution.

Maybe you would consider something statuesque as a feature in your garden which seems ordinary during the day, however when dusk begins to draw in gently lights up enabling you to still enjoy its features at night. Whatever your vision there's so many options to choose from!

If you are considering adding lights to your garden either for practicality, safety or to enhance and accentuate your garden features, you should first walk around your garden when its dark to work out exactly where you would like the lighting to be. Consider the features or areas you would like to illuminate and stand out, or areas you plan to use such as a dining area where you may need brighter lighting.

With a plan in mind, you can contact your local electrician who will usually arrange a convenient time to visit and work with you to achieve your desired effect and advise on the best lighting solutions available. You really can have fun when selecting the lights you would like to achieve your vision, from different fittings, fixtures and colours there's plenty to choose from.

If you don’t already have power running to your garden the electrician will likely want to see your consumer unit (fuse board) to ensure its able to cope with a new connection and the additional current. A brand-new installation needs to be Part P certified so when selecting an electrician, it's important to ensure they can provide the correct certification when creating a brand-new circuit that’s will run from your consumer unit.

Outdoor electrical cables are normally run-in trenches underground and only come to surface for each light fitting meaning cables are well hidden – although the trenches being dug and filled in may cause a slight disruption to begin with!

All cables buried underground must be armoured to protect them from being accidently caught or severed. Outdoor installations also have to be covered by an RCD (residual current device) which instantly cuts the power in the event of an emergency.